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June 16–17, 2015

Burlington, Vermont

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JAFSCD-Cover-Volume5-Issue2-LoResJournal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development (JAFSCD)


Volume 5, Issue 2 / Winter 2015

ISSN 2152-0801 (online)




Featuring Papers from the 2014 University of Vermont Food Systems Summit: Local-level Responses to Globalization in the Food System

UVM 2014 Food Systems Summit banner logo

This issue will include an editorial by Jane Kolodinsky, professor and chair, Community Development and Applied Economics at the University of Vermont, and will include commentaries from the keynote speakers and papers that resulted from presentations at the summit.


On the cover: The Miraflores Bioferia, one of Peru’s most successful certified organic farmers markets. Locals and tourists alike shop there for artisan cheeses and breads, along with fruits, vegetables, prepared foods, and handicrafts. Independent producers and organic cooperatives receive support from local nongovernmental organizations to feed the growing demand for certified organic products. See La misma realidad de cada lugar es diferente” (“The same reality of each place is different”): A Case Study of an Organic Farmers Market in Lima, Peru. (Photo by Kevin Cody; used with permission.)

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Complete Volume 5 Issue 2

1 Volume 5, Issue 2 Complete Issue
Duncan Hilchey

Cover and Table of Contents

1 Cover and Table of Contents
Duncan Hilchey


1 In This Issue: Local Responses to Global Problems
Duncan Hilchey
2 Guest Editorial: The UVM Food Systems Summit Makes More Room at the Table
Jane Kolodinsky


1 DIGGING DEEPER: Another Argument for Adaptability
Kate Clancy
2 THE ECONOMIC PAMPHLETEER: Food Sovereignty: A New Mandate for Food and Farm Policy
John Ikerd

Commentaries from 2014 UVM Food Systems Summit

The keynote speakers at the 2014 University of Vermont Food Systems Summit were invited to contribute commentaries to this issue of JAFSCD.


1 A Global Perspective on Food Systems
Rosamond L. Naylor
2 Choice, Responsibility, and Health: What Role for the Food Movement?
Nicholas Freudenberg
3 Racism and Capitalism: Dual Challenges for the Food Movement
Eric Holt-Giménez

Papers from 2014 UVM Food Systems Summit

1 High Tunnels for Local Food Systems: Subsidies, Equity, and Profitability
Nathaniel Foust-Meyer and Megan E. O'Rourke
2 Saving Seeds: The Svalbard Global Seed Vault, Native American Seed-Savers, and Problems of Property
Sheryl D. Breen
3 "La misma realidad de cada lugar es diferente" ("The same reality of each place is different"): A Case Study of an Organic Farmers' Market in Lima, Peru
Kevin Cody
4 Rewriting the Call to Charity: From Food Shelf Volunteer to Food Justice Advocate
Beth A. Dixon
5 Increasing Local Procurement in Farm to School Programs: An Exploratory Investigation
Erin Roche, David Conner, and Jane Kolodinsky

Open Call Papers

1 Dissolved: Lessons Learned from the Portland Multnomah Food Policy Council
Amy K. Coplen and Monica Cuneo
2 The Relationship Between Different Approaches to Multifunctionality of Agriculture and Choice of Methods: A Critical Review
Monika Korzun
3 The Future of Preserved Farmland: Ownership Succession in Three Mid-Atlantic States
Brian J. Schilling, J. Dixon Esseks, Joshua M. Duke, Paul D. Gottlieb, and Lori Lynch
4 Creating Space: Sack Gardening as a Livelihood Strategy in the Kibera Slums of Nairobi, Kenya
Courtney M. Gallaher, Antoinette M. G. A. WinklerPrins, Mary Njenga, and Nancy K. Karanja
5 Products from Urban Collective Gardens: Food for Thought or for Consumption? Insights from Paris and Montreal
Jeanne Pourias, Eric Duchemin, and Christine Aubry


1 Making Do or Moving Forward: An Assessment of Our Global Food System
Linda M. Young
2 Exploring the Politics of Possibility
Rachael E. Kennedy

Banner photos include a Cape Cod cranberry bog; a cranberry “screen house” used to grade fresh cranberries; farmland near Lake Placid, NY, in the Adirondack Mountains; Montmorency cherry trees on the Mission Peninsula of northern Michigan; the historic Round Barn in the South Mountain Apple Belt of Adams County, Pennsylvania; the “Sea of Grapes” district of the Lake Erie Concord Grape Belt, near Erie, Penn; a field of cabbages near Shortsville, NY, home to one of the world’s largest sauerkraut factories. All photos copyright by Duncan Hilchey.


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