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Volume 5, Issue 1 CoverJournal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development (JAFSCD)


Volume 5, Issue 1 / Fall 2014

ISSN 2152-0801 (online)


On the cover: After watching a knife skills demonstration, food service professionals rolled up their sleeves and practiced washing, slicing, and dicing fresh produce at a professional development workshop hosted by the New Jersey Farm to School Network. Access to training and proper equipment is essential to the success of local food procurement in school cafeterias since many local products are delivered whole and unprocessed. (Photo by Chelsey Simpson, National Farm To School Network)


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Complete Volume 5 Issue 1

1 Volume 5, Issue 1 Complete Issue
Duncan Hilchey

Cover and Table of Contents

1 Cover and Table of Contents
Duncan Hilchey


1 In This Issue: A Challenging New Profession: Food Systems Development Practice
Duncan Hilchey
2 Guest Editorial: Evaluation and the Local Foods Data Void
Corry Bregendahl and Craig Chase


1 THE ECONOMIC PAMPHLETEER: Multifunctionality: A New Future for Family Farms
John Ikerd


1 Looking at Sierra Leone’s Ebola Epidemic Through an Agrarian Lens
Rami Zurayk

Open Access Content (subscription not required)

1 Increasing Prosperity for Small Farms Through Sustainable Livestock Production, Processing, and Marketing
Darin A. Saul, Soren M. Newman, Tracie Lee, Steven Peterson, Stephen Devadoss, Dev S. Shrestha, and Nick Sanyal

Open Call Papers

1 Exurban Farmers' Perceptions of Land Use Policy Effectiveness: Implications for the Next Generation of Policy Development
Jill K. Clark, Shoshanah M. Inwood, and Douglas Jackson-Smith
2 The Farm Fresh Healthcare Project: Analysis of a Hybrid Values-based Supply Chain
Kendra Klein and Ariane Michas
3 A Framework for Site Assessment Guides for Urban Impacted Soils: A Vancouver Case Study
Melissa Iverson, Maja Krzic, and Arthur Bomke
4 Examining Farmers Markets' Usage of Social Media: An Investigation of a Farmers Market Facebook Page
Yue Cui
5 Mapping the Cost of a Balanced Diet, as a Function of Travel Time and Food Price
Nathan Hilbert, Jennifer Evans-Cowley, Jason Reece, Christy Rogers, Wendy Ake, Casey Hoy
6 Bridging the Gap Between Farmers and Food Service Directors: The Social Challenges in Farm to School Purchasing
Brandi Janssen
7 Gardeners, Locavores, Hipsters, and Residents: An Alternative Local Food Market's Potential for "Community" Building
Yuki Kato
8 Conceptualizing Community Buy-in and its Application to Urban Farming
Melissa N. Poulsen, Marie L. Spiker, and Peter J. Winch
9 Illinois Farmers Markets Using EBT: Impacts on SNAP Redemption and Market Sales
Afroza Hasin, Sylvia Smith, and Pat Stieren


1 Native to Place: Grass, Soil, Hope by Courtney White
Philip A. Loring
2 Building Blocks for Sustainable Food Systems
Molly D. Anderson
3 More Than One Meaning of “Chain” in Food Chains, a Documentary Film
Jane Kolodinsky

Banner photos include a Cape Cod cranberry bog; a cranberry “screen house” used to grade fresh cranberries; farmland near Lake Placid, NY, in the Adirondack Mountains; Montmorency cherry trees on the Mission Peninsula of northern Michigan; the historic Round Barn in the South Mountain Apple Belt of Adams County, Pennsylvania; the “Sea of Grapes” district of the Lake Erie Concord Grape Belt, near Erie, Penn; a field of cabbages near Shortsville, NY, home to one of the world’s largest sauerkraut factories. All photos copyright by Duncan Hilchey.


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