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Assistant/Associate Professor in Food Systems (Tenure Track)


uvmtowersolid3425The University of Vermont seeks candidates to join us in building our capacity to understand the interconnected aspects of the modern food system and to develop creative models for sustainable food systems.

     Candidates should have a demonstrated record of collaborative, transdisciplinary work and a desire to engage with colleagues across UVM colleges and departments. Anticipated start date is within the 2014–2015 academic year, subject to negotiation.

 Click here to see a more detailed job description and details on applying.


Full-time, Tenure-track, Assistant Professor Positions

The Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health, Department of Environmental Health Sciences, invites applications for full-time, tenure-track positions at the assistant professor level, in the areas of food sustainability, food production, and public health. Successful candidates will have positions in the Center for a Livable Future (CLF), which focuses on the interactions among diet, the environment, and public health.

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Cover of volume 4, issue 2 (winter 2013-2014)Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development (JAFSCD)


Volume 4, Issue 2 / Winter 2013–2014

ISSN 2152-0801 (online)


On the cover: Walter Jeffries lectures his pigs in 2014 on economic systems at Sugar Mountain Farm (SugarMtnFarm.com) in the mountains of Vermont, where his family raises pastured pork they deliver locally. While feigning attention, the pigs were just there for the free lunch. (Photo copyright © 2014 by Walter Jeffries)


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Volume 4, Issue 2 Complete Issue

1 Volume 4, Issue 2 Complete Issue
Amy Christian

Cover and Table of Contents

1 Cover, Copyright, Advisors and Reviewers
Duncan Hilchey


1 In This Issue: A Good Late Winter's Read
Duncan Hilchey


1 DIGGING DEEPER: Food System Governance
Kate Clancy
2 METRICS FROM THE FIELD: Local Data Is Endangered
Ken Meter
3 GLOBAL VIEWS OF LOCAL FOOD SYSTEMS: The Fatal Synergy of War and Drought in the Eastern Mediterranean
Rami Zurayk
4 THE ECONOMIC PAMPHLETEER: Competition Versus Cooperation
John Ikerd

Land for Food Paper

This is an additional paper that was not published in time to be included in the Land for Food special-topic issue (fall 2013) sponsored by American Farmland Trust.

1 Land Trusts and Beginning Farmers’ Access to Land: Exploring the Relationships in Coastal California
Jessica Beckett and Ryan E. Galt

Open Call Papers

1 Evaluating the Economic and Nutrition Benefits of EBT Programs at Farmers' Markets
Kristin Krokowski
2 Evaluating the South Memphis Farmers Market as a Strategy to Improve Access to Healthy Foods: Lessons from 2011
Kathryn Hicks and Katherine Lambert-Pennington
3 Community Food Production as Food Security: Resource and Economic Valuation in Madison, Wisconsin (USA)
Vincent M. Smith and John A. Harrington
4 Beyond the Farmer and the Butcher: Institutional Entrepreneurship and Local Meat
Lauren Gwin and Arion Thiboumery
5 Premium Potential for Geographically Labeled, Differentiated Meat Products
Kynda R. Curtis
6 Resource-Use and Partial-Budget Analysis of a Transition to Reduced-Input and Organic Practices and Direct Marketing: A Student-Farm Case Study
Sean Clark
7 Is Organic Agriculture a Viable Strategy in Contexts of Rapid Agrarian Transition? Evidence from Cambodia
Alice Beban
8 Development and Evaluation of an Introductory Course in Sustainable Food and Bioenergy Systems
Kate Malone, Alison H. Harmon, William E. Dyer, and Bruce D. Maxwell, Catherine A. Perillo
9 Can Large Retailers Localize Supply Chains? A Case Analysis of the Challenges Facing One Canadian Retailer
Doug McCallum, Alissa Mae Campbell, and Rod MacRae

Book Reviews

1 Leveraging Social Change Through Collective Purchasing
Holly A. Chaille
2 Exploring Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Law and Policy Reforms
Sheila Fleischhacker

Banner photos include a Cape Cod cranberry bog; a cranberry “screen house” used to grade fresh cranberries; farmland near Lake Placid, NY, in the Adirondack Mountains; Montmorency cherry trees on the Mission Peninsula of northern Michigan; the historic Round Barn in the South Mountain Apple Belt of Adams County, Pennsylvania; the “Sea of Grapes” district of the Lake Erie Concord Grape Belt, near Erie, Penn; a field of cabbages near Shortsville, NY, home to one of the world’s largest sauerkraut factories. All photos copyright by Duncan Hilchey.


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