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JAFSCD_Cover_Volume_1_Issue_1Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development


Inaugural Issue

Volume 1, Issue 1 / Summer 2010

ISSN 2152-0801 (online)




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Entire Inaugural Issue

1 Inaugural Issue PDF Here
Duncan Hilchey
2 EndNote File for Volume 1, Issue 1
Gilbert W. Gillespie Jr.

Cover and Table of Contents

1 Cover and Table of Contents
Duncan Hilchey


1 Welcome — and Thanks To So Many!
Duncan Hilchey
2 In This Issue: Inaugural Issue and Special Topic Focus: "Growing New Farmers"
Duncan Hilchey


1 Why Aren’t There Any Turkeys at the Danville Turkey Festival?
Howard L. Sacks


1 THE ECONOMIC PAMPHLETEER: Rethinking Government Policies for Growing Farmers
John Ikerd
2 VIEWS FROM THE FOOD SYSTEM FRONTIER: Measuring Agricultural Stewardship: Risks and Rewards
Joseph McIntyre
3 METRICS FROM THE FIELD: Letting Food Systems Emerge
Ken Meter
4 GLOBAL VIEWS OF LOCAL FOOD SYSTEMS Family Farmers Are Struggling Everywhere
Rami Zurayk

Growing Farmers Call Papers

1 Success in Farm Start-ups in the Northeastern United States
Gilbert W. Gillespie Jr. and Sue Ellen Johnson
2 Farm Succession and Retirement: Some International Comparisons
Matt Lobley, John R. Baker, and Ian Whitehead
3 Expanding the Boundaries of Beginning Farmer Training and Program Development
Kim L. Niewolny and Patrick T. Lillard
4 Creating Access to Land Grant Resources for Multicultural and Disadvantaged Farmers
Marcia Ostrom, Bee Cha, and Malaquías Flores
5 Achieving Program Goals? An Evaluation of Two Decades of the Apprenticeship in Ecological Horticulture at the University of California, Santa Cruz
Jan Perez, Damian Parr, and Linnea Beckett

Open Call Papers

1 The Benefits, Challenges, and Strategies of Adults Following a Local Food Diet
Carmen Byker, Nick Rose, and Elena Serrano
2 Laws to Require Purchase of Locally Grown Food and Constitutional Limits on State and Local Government: Suggestions for Policymakers and Advocates
Brannon P. Denning, Samantha Graff, and Heather Wooten
3 From the Boardroom to the Farm Stand: Applying Principles of Retail Strategy to Facilitate Farmers’ Market Sustainability
Christopher T. Sneed and Ann E. Fairhurst

Book Reviews

1 Book Review: Ben Hewitt's "The Town That Food Saved"
Valerie Imbruce
2 Book Review: Steven McFadden's "Call of the Land"
Kim L. Niewolny and Nancy K. Franz
3 Book Review: Mark Winne's "Closing the Food Gap"
Cornelia Butler Flora

Banner photos include a Cape Cod cranberry bog; a cranberry “screen house” used to grade fresh cranberries; farmland near Lake Placid, NY, in the Adirondack Mountains; Montmorency cherry trees on the Mission Peninsula of northern Michigan; the historic Round Barn in the South Mountain Apple Belt of Adams County, Pennsylvania; the “Sea of Grapes” district of the Lake Erie Concord Grape Belt, near Erie, Penn; a field of cabbages near Shortsville, NY, home to one of the world’s largest sauerkraut factories. All photos copyright by Duncan Hilchey.


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